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The Trails of Lynn Canyon Park

Park Trails

Lynn Canyon Park has several trails that lead visitors into the temperate rainforest, beside the creek, and over waterfalls. Trails in the canyon can often be rough and muddy, so wear appropriate clothing and hiking shoes.

Twin Falls Loop Trail

To visit Twin Falls, go across the suspension Bridge and turn right. The Twin Falls loop goes down into the forest and crosses Lynn Creek at Twin Falls Bridge, over two waterfalls. Look into the pool below: it is the farthest that salmon can swim up Lynn Creek, since the falls prevent them from going any further. Go up the stairs and turn right, and you will find yourself heading up to the parking lot once again. The entire loop takes a maximum of 45 minutes.

Thirty Foot Pool Trail

The trail to Thirty Foot Pool can be done as a loop trail or as a quick hike to the pool and back. This is the place where water moves out of the thin canyon into a broader creek bed, and the river has created a beautiful green pool of water. Turn to your left after crossing the Suspension Bridge and walk along the trail for another twenty minutes until you reach Thirty Foot Pool. After visiting the pool, head up the stairs and turn to the right and you will find yourself on a loop trail that ends at the Suspension Bridge.

Other Park Trails

Other trails in Lynn Canyon include the lovely Beaver Trail, a hike that begins at Centennial Trail just past the Lynn Canyon Cafe and continues into a mossy forest, bypassing the busy Suspension Bridge and Twin Falls area. Lynn Canyon contains a small part of the Baden Powell Trail, a hike that extends across the North Shore. The canyon is also connected to two larger hiking areas, the lower Seymour Conservation Reserve and Lynn Headwater Regional Park.

Caring For Your Parks

Please help us protect plants, animals and all other natural features. Leave no trace of your visit, stay on the trails and pack out all of your litter. Leash and clean up after your pets. Enjoy your visit and leave with only your memories and your photographs.