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Group Programs for Children

From daycamps to daycares, Beavers to Guides, and ESL groups, the Ecology Centre offers nature programs that will appeal to every group.

Booking Information

Booking a Group Program

Book your program at least 2 weeks in advance. To book, call 604-990-3755 from 10 am to 4 pm, Monday to Friday. Program bookings cannot be completed over email, but if you have questions about our programs you are welcome to contact us.

When you book, please be ready with the program name, your group size, booking dates, phone number and e-mail.

Group Program Fees

Our program fees vary according to group size and the duration of the program. Our 2019 fees are:

Group Programs for Children

Cancellation Policy

Any program cancellations will be charged a $25 administration fee. Programs that are cancelled with less than 3 weeks notice will be charged a $50 fee.

Getting Ready for Your Visit

How to Prepare for Your Group's Visit

  1. Plan to arrive at the park 10 minutes before the program begins. Public washrooms are at the Lynn Canyon Cafe building.
  2. It's often wet in the mountains, even if it's not raining elsewhere in Metro Vancouver. Participants are advised to dress for the weather. They should come wearing layers, with waterproof boots and a waterproof jacket. Rain pants are also highly recommended!
  3. Remind everyone that the forest is a great place to unwind... and unplug. Please leave electronic devices at home. If you'd like to take photographs, keep your camera or phone in a zippered pocket during the rest of the program to make sure that it is safe and dry.

When you arrive at the Ecology Centre, check in at the front desk. While your group is exploring the Centre, our program staff will speak with you about the program.

Getting to the Park

Lynn Canyon Park is easy to access.

  1. Public bus. The #227 community shuttle operates daily between Lynn Valley Centre and Phibbs Exchange via Lynn Canyon Park. The #227 community shuttle stops at the corner of Peters Road and Duval Road, a 5 minute walk from the park. The #228 Lynn Valley bus stops near Lynn Canyon Park.
  2. Private bus. Bus parking is limited. Please notify us in advance if you will be arriving by private bus so we can make arrangements for parking.
  3. Car. If you're visiting with parent drivers, the closest parking to the Ecology Centre is the parking on either side of the road. Walk along the road and you will see the Ecology Centre on your left. If that parking is full, there is a larger gravel parking lot near the entrance to the park.

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Trailblazers Programs

What's For Lunch

For ages 3 to 6. 90 minutes

The forest is full of food! Read a story, search for animal food in the forest, and make a food chain craft.

Earth Explorers

For ages 3 to 6. 90 minutes

Do you love worms, mud and fossils? Learn about rocks and soil, read a fossil story and go on an imaginary dinosaur dig. Then head outside and discover the world beneath your feet.

Going Buggy

For ages 3 to 6. 90 minutes

Small is great! Learn about our local invertebrates through outdoor exploration, a story, and a buggy craft.

World of Small

For ages 5 to 7. 90 minutes

It's an invertebrate stampede! Learn about the small animals that call Lynn Canyon Park home. Explore stream and forest environments, find invertebrates, and learn about their habits and habitat.

Once Upon a Tree

For ages 7 to 10. 90 minutes

Get to know about the trees of Lynn Canyon Park. Find out how they clean water and create food and habitat for animals.

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Self-guided Program

Looking for a flexible and low cost program for your group? Discover the secrets of the temperate rainforest on your own.

Forest Quest Tour

Maximum group size 15 people with 1 leader

Maximum group size 30 people with 2 leaders

Allow 1.5 hours

Take your group on an educational adventure that combines a treasure hunt and ecology knowledge! Your mission begins at the Ecology Centre, where our staff will introduce your group to their Forest Quest. Led by clues and a forest map, your group will decode the mysteries of temperate rainforest plants and animals, searching for the secret of life in the rainforest. Your adventure concludes as you return to the Ecology Centre to meet with staff about what you discovered. You'll also have a chance to view forest life up close with our amazing projector!

Eye Spy

Maximum group size is 30

30 minute self-guided Ecology Centre tour

Go on a scavenger hunt to discover nature pictures hidden in the Ecology Centre displays. Receive a small prize when you complete the Eye Spy booklet and then enjoy a nature video in our theatre.

Eco Quest

Maximum group size is 30

45 minute self-guided Ecology Centre tour

Go on a quest for nature knowledge as you tour the museum exhibits with the Eco Quest activity sheet. Receive a small prize when you complete the Eco Quest booklet and then enjoy a nature video in our theatre.

Museum Visits

Maximum group size is 30

Children love the Ecology Centre! Your group can explore the Ecology Centre's hands-on displays, act out a puppet show, listen to animal sounds, and enjoy a natural history movie in our theatre.

Habitat Restoration Projects

Community Habitat Restoration

For ages 6 and up

Are you looking for a community service project? Get outside, get dirty, and help restore natural areas on the North Shore! Plant native trees and shrubs in North Vancouver District through the habitat restoration program. Students learn about the habitats they are restoring and make a hands-on contribution to our natural areas. 604-990-3755.

Storm Drain Marking

For ages 6 and up

Place fish symbols on the storm drains and let others know that these drains lead to local creeks. Phone 604-990-3759 to book a kit.

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